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Interior and Exterior Painting Rockwall Texas Home Remodeling

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Do you need Interior and Exterior Painting to bring life to your walls? Our team of experienced painters are fast and efficient. Whether you are looking for professional painters for residential painting, commercial painting, we are your home remodeling contractors. 

Nothing makes the house feel more fresh and new than a nice coat of paint. Problem is, most people who do it themselves come across making a pretty big mess. 

Paint everywhere… Paint on everything but the walls… 

No worries, we can do the job for you. 

We can even do ceilings, if you ask. 

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Are you looking for a small painting job or a large painting job? Whether it’s one bedroom, apartment or multiple-rooms, our team of local painters will step in and step out before the paint even has time to dry.

(That’s a joke, btw… We obviously wanna stick around and make sure your paint is dry before we finish).  

How Much Does House Painting Cost?

This is a fair question to ask, since so many people want an interior and exterior paint job but are afraid of how much they’ll be asked to fork over. Well, when it comes to our projects, we never cut corners, just prices. 

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We do everything we can to make our customers H-A-P-P-Y, so if you are worried about money – don’t. We do our best to fit anyone’s budget! 


Exterior Painting Contractors - Rockwall Home Remodeling

 Simplicity is important to people, which is why people are just looking for someone  to “Paint my house!” Whether residential painting or commercial painting, our team is up to the task. Our custom house painting is one of our particular favorites, because we love seeing the smiles on our customers faces when they see their home with a renewed fondness. Our interior and exterior painting services are very cost effective and budget friendly. We are your choice for home painting interior, exterior or should I say, your residential painting contractor.

Carpentry Painting, Deck Staining & More! 

Custom painting means custom painting. We cover carpentry, drywall repair, power washing, deck staining and wallpaper removal among our list of services. Our house painting supplies are top of the line to give you the best job you could ask for a great price! If you are looking for house painting estimates, fill the form here and one of our professionals will get back with you. 

Our exterior painting services include power washing, scraping, sanding, priming and of course, sealing things up with caulking.  General painting on your exterior walls really come to life when the surface of your walls are fully clean and prepared. We are one of the best interior and exterior painting companies in the Rockwall area.

What goes into our paint jobs? 

We always use the best tools for the job, starting with our low VOC paint. From house painting exterior to interior, our contractors take care of you and make your home feel like a completed home. Our tools area always the best for the job. 

Our Painting Services Include: 

  • Interior / Exterior Painting 
  • Wallpaper Removal 
  • Carpentry Painting 
  • Drywall Repair 
  • Deck and Driveway Staining 
  • Garage Painting 
  • Garage Staining 
  • Power Washing 
  • Business Painting 
  • Residential Painting 

Didn’t see your particular service mentioned here? Call our number and ask one of our friendly associates. 

Why Choose Our Team For Your House Painting Job?

  1. We always provide FREE estimates so you always know what to expect, without any surprises. You will get a top quality job at the price you know you can afford! Always. 
  2. We are FAST & EFFICIENT! This is YOUR house and we want you to be happy with your home. 
  3. We are friendly and approachable! Never hesitate to ask us a question. 
  4. Low VOC paint means great on the environment! 
  5. We prepare, execute, clean, and inspect our work every time! 
  6. We will make you happy – Customer Satisfaction is our Guarantee!

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