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Rockwall Texas Home Remodeling Concrete Paving

Concrete paving for your driveway, garage and more is an essential service provided by Rockwall Home Remodeling, whether residential or business; interior or exterior. Even if you need some repair work done on your driveway or parking lot. We also provide an etching and degreasing service. Ask about our non-slip epoxy coating. Our materials are the best in safety and durability. Our completed work is easy to clean as well.

Our services are necessary for addressing crack repair, flatwork and resurfacing. We pay special attention to detail with every project we take. If you’re looking for paving around the house, we are the ones to trust. 

Concrete is meant to look GOOD 

We specialize in stamped concrete as well as various other uses for our services. We can do just about anything on a complete cement canvas from steps to patios, driveways, bird baths to countertops, we are professional concrete contractors and our ready mix solutions are the best in the industry.

All The Colors Of The Rainbow For Your Driveway or Patio 

We have a variety of options for both concrete floor paint and staining. Our floor paint is made from a resilient non-skid epoxy coating that will resist wear and tear on your floor. These options are ideal for driveways where you can park your car and keep its integrity and beauty.

Ready-Mix And Ready For YOU

Our work is always efficient without cutting any corners! We never skip a step. Instead, we always come well prepared with an action plan but we’re also flexible enough that if you were to make any adjustments, we work accordingly and bounce right back giving you our best effort in the least amount of time possible. We know what your home means to you and we will never take you opening your home to us for granted. You want cement work done in your home – you’ve found the most qualified team with us. 

Need To Know How Much You Need?

We can easily determine how much concrete you need to complete your job, however, if you’d like to get a basic idea of the coverage you need, you can search online for a cement calculator. Figure out your cost per square foot or let one of our specialists calculate it for you.

Our specialized service options include: 

  • Asphalt
  • Driveway
  • Garage
  • Parking Lot
  • Patching
  • Sealing and Coating
  • Etching and Degreasing
  • Crack filling

Concrete paving service location options include:

  • Commercial Paving
  • Residential Paving
  • Municipal Paving

Install, Repair or Removal

We provide the full picture for your interior and exterior home design with our paving, countertops and flatwork. We provide cement installation of slabs, blocks and bricks as well as an assortment of products for decoration. Our repair work can fix and restore as new. We also perform removal for any unnecessary or remodeling needs. Driveway looking old with grime and dirt? Our quick and thorough etching will make your flooring looks clean like new. 

Local Company With Professional Quality 

Rockwall Home Remodeling is an all around top quality company. We work on full home restoration, remodeling and renovations from room to room. One thing we never do is less than stellar work for any of our clients. Choosing us is choosing the absolute best for the best price. We are friendly Texans and our aim is to leave your home with you smiling from ear to ear. Our repeat business is what we look forward to as we build a strong reputation with everyone around us. We take your satisfaction seriously.  

Don’t Wait Until There’s Tons Of Cracks And Wear 

The sooner you identify the problem, the easier it will be to get your desired results. Weathering and other elements can cause some severe damage on your cement work. As for floor paint & stain, constant exposure to head without any proper maintenance can cause fading. When you start to see a problem arise, you should give us a call to address the issue before it gets any worse. So don’t delay, call us now.

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