3 Things To Ask If Your Home Is Ready For The Cold Winter?

You know how the song goes – “The weather outside is frightful”… and frightful it is! While you may be ready for the nice cool weather as a welcome change from the summer’s heat, is your home ready?

Here are 3 things you need to check for to see if your home is up to the challenge!

1) Weatherstripping

If you have any pets you most definitely need to look into this. Many times pets will scratch your doors waiting for you to get home. You may notice the weatherstripping used to help insulate your door ways and windows may have tears in them. It’s important to check because this could also affect your heating bill for the winter. Updating your weatherstripping will not only keep you warmer, but will lower your bill. You may also consider using caulk for window insulation as well.

2) Heating System

Regular maintenance is required on your AC unit to make sure there is nothing wrong with it and so it can last you through the seasons. You may not know how to check for this, but a technician such as ourselves can look for leaks and parts that need immediate attention. Your system may be working a lot harder than it should due to poor maintenance which again, can raise your heating bill. Scheduling a simple service maintenance will be a lot cheaper than having your unit work twice as hard to meet your in home demands.

3) Insulation

You know that pink stuff that’s inside your walls? Yes, that’s fiberglass insulation and if you have an attic, you may find some there. Make sure there’s enough to ensure that your house is not absorbing too much cold weather thus producing more heat from your heating system.

Get Your Home Ready For Winter

Hopefully this will help to prepare your home for the cold winter season. If you would like someone to come out and have a look for you, we can do a completely FREE analysis and tell you if you need anything to get your home up and ready. Call us now for more info: Click here.